A glass blue peacock sits on a table with a glass border forming around it, as a mosiac table is created.

About The Artist

With over 30 years of artistic experience, Jane fell in love with creating stained glass art in 2009. It all started when a simple picture of Bob Marley was turned into a vibrant stained glass portrait. A natural talent was discovered and a passion for the craft was born.

Inspired by the local vineyards after a move to the Okanagan Valley in 2016, Jane began creating and selling glass wine charms in and around the area.

A desire to build on the warm reception to her glass art led Jane to start focusing her energy on creating larger, modern and usable works. Her handcrafted mosaic tables followed shortly after, which are fully functional while maintaining the artistic beauty found in all of her work.

Two wine bottles with white and purple grape wine charms sit on a table, next to a glass of white wine.

Jane’s glass art utilizes a variety of materials including Swarovski gems, crystals and beads, along with Dichroic glass in order to fully express the vibrancy and brilliance of the colours. All tables are finished with a high quality resin to protect the surface and ensure complete functionality of the table and preservation of the art.

Every piece is meticulously handcrafted by Jane herself, so you can rest assured that the same passion and skill that went into Bob Marley’s stained glass portrait a decade ago is still found in all of Jane’s work today.

Unique, stylized & functional glass art. Anything but plain.

A close up of a glass table, with Jane's signature silver heart embedded in the upper left corner of the image.

Keep an eye out for Jane’s signature silver heart, shown here in the upper left corner and hidden in all of her tables!

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