Various colourful pieces of stained glass sit on a wooden workshop table.

Welcome to It Ain’t Plain By Jane

This is a site devoted to showcasing the unique, stylistic and functional glass art of Okanagan Valley resident Jane Anton. Whether you’re looking to capture a special memory, add a little more colour to your life or simply appreciate art made from glass, It Ain’t Plain By Jane is right for you.

A wine bottle with a wine charm on it sits next to a glass of wine, on a glass side table, next to a leather chair.

Meticulously Handcrafted Glass Art

With over 30 years of artistic experience, every glass item is handcrafted by Jane herself, ensuring the utmost in quality and true artistic expression. Inspired by the natural beauty of the Canadian wilderness and brought to life with a dose of creative imagination and discerning touch, you can be certain each piece will be anything but plain.

To learn more about Jane and her art please visit the About page and be sure to check out her Mosaic Tables and Wine Charms! If you have a great glass art idea of your own don’t hesitate to let Jane know as well, as she would be happy to see what she can do for that special project of yours.

For all inquiries please contact Jane at